1. Anonymous said: I figured people would be assholes about that photo shoot when I saw the first one. They're beautiful and powerful and your look stunning yet heartbreaking at the same time and he's a wonderful photographer and you were the perfect subject for this shoot. I've been a victim of domestic violence and this captures the essence of vulnerability and utter emptiness after a fight. I've actually sat naked in a tub and looked at my bruises before. Go you and go him. Get the message out there.


    It makes me really happy and sad that there are people out there who appreciate it. Thank you so so much for being so sweet. I hope you never have to go through something like that again


  2. Just to preempt any hate mail that I will receive— I do not comment or respond to it. It’s the same stance I have on my writing. My photographs will evoke a certain emotion. That emotional response is my intention and my wish, but it is your emotional response. Other people will have a different one, and I do not comment on what you should or shouldn’t feel. Direct your anger, confusion, or whatever internally instead of at me.

  3. don’t tread on me, part two of two

    ft. swamp-honey

  4. cop-and-speeder:

    don’t tread on me, part one of two

    ft. swamp-honey

  5. preview of my shoot, don’t tread on me, with swamp-honey today
    More to come

  6. throwback thursday special with erin and her middle fingers

  7. k.l.

  8. I shot a bunch of black and whites with kedford today but I wanted to post this one that shows off her eyes! Be on the lookout for the rest coming soon.

  10. I took pictures of two of my dear friends’ wedding! Their love story is so fantastic. A lovable, goofy, search and rescue climber, redneck from Wilsonville, Alabama and a lovely, funny, and brilliant Thai woman nurse from Chanthaburi, Thailand.